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Here is a roundup of some common questions and official responses from the Ant Design Charts community.

1、 What is the relationship between G2, G2Plot and Ant Design Charts?

  • Same team development.
  • G2Plot based on G2, which uses grammar of graphics and is relatively expensive to use and powerful.
  • G2Plot is an overlay wrapper over G2, replacing the graph syntax with configuration items.
  • Ant Design Charts is the React version of G2Plot, which synchronizes functionality with G2Plot and has built-in graph-related Charts such as flowcharts, organizational Charts, etc
  • Some of the other charts were implemented by students on other teams based on G2 or G2Plot

2、Object(...) is not a function


Possible reasons:

  • React version is too low and does not support hooks. Upgrade to 16.8.4 or the latest version.
  • The 2.x version of Ant-Design-Pro is used, resulting in underlying dependency conflict. It is recommended to upgrade Pro to the latest version.
  • The BizCharts is used, resulting in underlying dependency conflict.

3、How to binding event and get current data.

  onReady={(plot) => {
    plot.chart.on('plot:click', (evt) => {
      const { x, y } = evt;
      console.log(plot.chart.getTooltipItems({ x, y }));

4、How do I set the horizontal axis to start at 0


Horizontal axis is configurable, which can be configured in meta. The optional range is 0~1.

meta: {
  [xField]: {
    range: [0, 1]

5、How to share a Y axis in DaulAxes plot

You can use scale.sync and hide one of the y-axis.

// Apply to DualAxes plot
  yFields: ['y1', 'y2'],
  meta: {
    y1: { sync: 'y2' },
    y2: { sync: true },
  yAxis: {
    y2: false

6、Package file is too large, how to load on demand

Method 1: Import from es

Import from the subpackage

// Statistical charts
import Line from '@ant-design/plots/es/components/line';
// Relation graph
import DecompositionTreeGraph from '@ant-design/graphs/es/components/decomposition-tree-graph';
// Geographic visualization
import AreaMap from '@ant-design/maps/es/components/area-map';

Method 2: Use sideEffects

Enable webpack sideEffcets configuration, webpack 4+ should be enabled by default.

  optimization: {
     sideEffects: true,

Method 3: Use babel-plugin-import

  // install
  npm install babel-plugin-import -D

  // config .babelrc file
    "plugins": [
      ["import", {
        "libraryName": "@ant-design/plots",
        "libraryDirectory": "es"
      ["import", {
        "libraryName": "@ant-design/graphs",
        "libraryDirectory": "es"
      ["import", {
        "libraryName": "@ant-design/maps",
        "libraryDirectory": "es"

7、Why do charts keep being redrawn

Due to the React mechanism, by default, whenever the parent component has a state update, the child component is rerendered, causing the chart to be redrawn again. Refer to example

8、IE Compatibility

Refer to ChartsIE

More problems

Please go to GitHub Issues to find out if there are similar problems. We will respond and improve this document as soon as possible.